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NG village
Corruption -1; Crime -1; Economy -1; Law -3; Lore +o;
Society +4
Qualities broad-minded, rumor-mongering citizens
Danger +o


Government council
Population 171 (152 humans , 6 dwarves,
5halflings, 4 gnomes, 3 elves, l half-elf)
Notable NPCs
Councilor lonnia Teppen (NG middle aged
female human commoner 7)
Elder Natharen Safander (LG male
half-elf cleric of Erastil 6)
Soothsayer Old Mother Theodora (N
venerable female human adept 5)


Base Value 500 g p ; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp;
Spellcasting 3 rd
Minor Items +I cold iron sling bullets (10), potion of
resist energy (cold), scroll of aid, scroll of sleep,
wand of magic weapon (24 c harges), wand
of scorching ray (42 c harges), masterwork
banded mail ; Medium Items arrow magnet,
ring of force shield; Major Items -


Broad – Minded: The citizens of
Heldren are open , friendly, and
tolerant, and react positively toward visitors. (Lore +1;
Society +1)

 photo heldren.png

Heldren Gazeteer

Below are details on several prominent locations in the
village of Heldren. Because of the village’s proximity
to the Border Wood, most of Heldren’s buildings are
constructed of lumber. Several farms lie outside the
village itself, providing food for its residents and for trade
with nearby villages .

1. Armory: A dirt path winds its way u p a low hill west
of town to the single door of this square stone tower. The
tower is 30 feet high, with battlements on its roof and
arrow slits along its walls . It is completely open on the
inside, with no interior floors-just a wooden staircase
running along the walls to the roof. The tower serves as
Heldren’s armory and a place of refuge for the villagers in
case the village is ever attacked. In times of peace, the tower
is usually unoccupied, but a selection of simple arms and
armor-cros sbows , bolts, spears, javelins, as well as a few
suits of leather armor, padded armor, and light wooden
shields-is stored inside for the militia.

2. Isker’s Smithy: Although he spends most of his
time shoeing horses and repairing farm tools, Heldren’s
blacksmith, Isker Euphram, is quite skilled in battle. A
veteran of Taldor’s army, Isker served in Zimar and on
the Qadiran border for years before retiring to Heldren.
His chain shirt, pike, and short sword are still in good
condition, oiled and wrapped in a chest kept in his
house behind his shop, and Isker has taken it upon
himself to oversee the training of the village’s
militia. His daughter, Xanthippe, works
as his apprentice. When not at her father’s
forge, Xanthippe’s likely to be found at the Silver
Stoat, holding court with her numerous suitors .
Although widely considered the village beauty,
Xanthippe is as proficient with her fists as with
her hammer, and those few of Heldren’s
young men who have tried to woo her
too aggressively walked away with
black eyes for their troubles .

3. General Store: Heldren’s
general store carries everything a
villager needs, as well as most gear an
adventurer requires . Heldren sits
on the road to Zimar, so plenty of
trade passes through the village.
The store’s proprietor, Vivialla Steranus, takes advantage of this brisk trade to stock
her shelves .

4. Town Hall: Rather grand for a village of this size,
Heldren’s town hall boasts a clock tower overlooking the
town square. Its clockworks were imported from Qadira
some time ago, and are kept in working order by Orillus
Davigen, who can usually
be found up in the tower tinkering with the machinery.
The clock tower’s bells ring every hour from 6 am to 6 pm
(the villagers prefer to keep things quiet at night), and can
be used to sound the alarm if there’s a fire or to muster
the militia in case of attack. The town council meets in
the hall every week on Starday, though there’s usually
little to discuss beyond minor disagreements between
neighbors. The hall is big enough to host almost the
entire populace for monthly village assemblies and large
social gatherings, such as the annual Longnight dance.
On the wall outside the front door hangs a notice board,
where flyers are posted with local news, j ob openings, and
goods for sale.

5. Willowbark Apothecary: A well-tended garden sits
in front of this equally neat house, the home of Tessaraea
Willowbark, Heldren’s resident apothecary.
Tessaraea is a relatively new transplant to
Heldren, having arrived in the village only 25 years ago after
a failed adventuring career up north in the River Kingdoms.
She is quiet and somber, and most of the villagers believe
she suffered some great tragedy in her past, such as the loss
of her one true love. Tessaraea sells a variety ofherbs and all of the special substances and
items listed in the Core Rulebook, as well as a potion of resist
energy (cold) and a surprisingly large stockpile of alchemist’s fire.

6. Barber: An artist with razors and scissors, Argus
Goldtooth offers shaves, haircuts,
and dentistry, as well as “leechery and other surgical
proceedings.” Argus is a fair healer, though he’s prone to
prescribing leeches (which fill several jars on high shelves in
his shop) for most maladies, from stomachaches to broken
bones. Argus also offers gold teeth to replace extracted ones,
and is his own best customer-his easy smile reveals more
gold teeth in his mouth than original ones.

7. The Silver Stoat: Heldren’s only tavern, the Silver Stoat,
stands right on the town square acros s from the town hall.
A fixture of village life, the tavern fills up with patrons
in the evening as they gather to share gos sip, hear news,
and reward themselves for a hard day’s work. Anything
that’s worth knowing in Heldren gets talked about here,
and if asked where he got a particularly juicy bit of gos sip
or information, a villager will likely say, “I heard it from
the Stoat.” Husband and wife Menander and Kale Garimos
run the Silver Stoat as if it were their family kitchen. There’s
always a seat at the table or a space by the hearth for
a guest, or a warm bowl of Menander’s hearty stew for an
empty belly. Menander works in the kitchen, cooking up
his famous venison flank steak and numble pie. Kale tends
bar, serving up the tavern’s signature brew, Three Devil
Ale, which she brews in-house using imported Chelish
hops . Heldren doesn’t get many visitors, so there is no true
inn in the village, but travelers are welcome to a spot on
the floor of the Stoat next to the fireplace for a night, as
long as they’re up early and on their way. Those who linger
risk a rude awakening from Menander’s wet mop in their
faces .

8. Livery Stable: A t the stable next door t o the Silver Stoat,
Sophia Imirras
offers horses (and a single pony) for hire or sale, as well
as stabling and grooming. Royal couriers on their way
to or from Demgazi or Zimar often change horses here.
None of Sophia’s horses are combat trained. Sophia also
has two carts, a wagon, and a carriage for hire. A traveling
noble gave her the carriage as a reward when she managed
to calm the newly broken stallion he was riding before it
could trample him. Both luxurious and ostentatious, the
carriage sees most ofits use at village weddings .

9. Town Square: The most notable feature of Heldren’s
town square is the large statue of a beautiful woman right
in the center ofthe town. Usually just called “the Lady,” the
statue has been here for as long as anyone can remember,
and no one knows who it actually represents. Some believe
the Lady was the founder of Heldren or some ancient,
forgotten Taldan noblewoman or even a mysterious fey
forest goddess. Others have more sinister theories-an evil
witch turned to stone for her wickednes s or a magical statue
through which the satrap of Qadira can spy on Taldor. On
any given day, a few entrepreneurs selling goods or produce
can be found on the square, and a market is held on the last
Fire day of every month. Elder Natharen Safander also hosts
the annual Harvest Feast in the town square, during which
the people of Heldren erect a giant bonfire in the square
and bedeck the Lady in garlands of flowers.

10 . Ionnia Teppen’s House: The leader of Heldren’s
village council, lonnia Teppen, lives in this simple two story
house just off the town square. lonnia’s family has
had a place in Heldren’s politics for generations, and her
membership on the town council was all but as sured. She
is by far the most influential member of the council, and
most villagers consider her the de facto mayor of Heldren.

11. Temple of Erastil: Although Elder Natharen Safander
is a cleric of Erastil, he tends to all of the village’s flock
regardless oftheir faith. Though most ofthe villagers follow
the teachings of Old Deadeye, the temple also contains
shrines to Abadar, Gozreh, Pharasma, and even Sarenrae.
Natharen doesn’t much care for the Taldan government’s
intolerant stance on the faith of the Dawnflower, and
believes that in a village like Heldren the sun goddes s is as
important as the god ofagriculture. Natharen’s wife, Zaarida
is a Qadiran transplant
and faithful worshiper ofSarenrae, and assists him during
services and with the temple’s upkeep.

12. Carpenter: Heldren’s foremost woodworker is Tengezil
Frimbocket, a gnome with a wild
shock of electric blue hair. He decorates his creations with
delicate and elaborate trim he calls “gingerbread,” a style that
has proven quite popular among the well-to-do of Taldor’s
southern cities. Tengezil claims to be from Wispil.

13. Heldren Sawmill: Heldren’s sawmill stays busy
day and night cutting timber harvested by the village’s
woodcutters into planks for shipment to Zimar and other
cities , and stacks of lumber are always heaped outside.
Partners Alexius Demetri and Lycio Vallant
oversee the sawmill’s operation, which makes them two of
Heldren’s wealthiest residents. Their large house on the
north side of town is easily Heldren’s largest private home,
nicknamed " Sawmill Manor" by the town.

14. The Butcher of Jalrune: The name of this butcher
shop refers to the supposed nickname of its proprietor,
Perkin Tarimm, who claims to be a retired Zimar corsair.
Customers are welcome to enjoy one of the
pickled sows’ ears in the large jar on the counter while they
wait for Perkin to prepare their cuts of meat.

15. Old Mother Theodora’s: Every village has its resident
wise woman, and Heldren is no exception. No one in the
village is sure just how ancient Old Mother Theodora (as
everyone calls her) is, but she’s been around as long as
anyone in town can remember. Old Mother Theodora is
Heldren’s most skilled midwife, and she helped deliver
just about everyone currently living in the village. She’s
also a soothsayer and hedge witch, and villagers come to
her to have their fortunes told or buy love potions or herbal


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